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5th year Anniversary Special Announcement Revised August 4, 2012

Buddy Rider in addition to the tractor driver for 2012
Owosso Tractor Parts or the MBA reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority has given approval of a rider (Buddy Rider) for the first time as long as the tractor seat and Buddy Rider meet certain safety rules set forth by Owosso Tractor Parts and approved by the MBA. Just for this year (5th) event at this time.  

Buddy Rider, Driver & Public Safety is utmost important. There are going to be strict guidelines and rules concerning the Buddy Rider seat. Rules for the Buddy Rider must be agreed to by the Buddy Rider, Driver and club President.  

1. All Buddy Rider seats are to be approved by Owosso Tractor Parts and your club President.
2. If Seat Belts are used by the rider (at the rider’s discretion) they must be installed securely and safely on the tractor.  
3. Seat belt use will be at the sole discretion of the buddy rider during the route/ride. Those using seat belts should read about the pros/cons of using a seat belt on a farm tractor. The advises against the use of seatbelts on a tractor unless the tractor is equipped with a ROPS (Roll Over Protection System.  Visit the above web site for more information. OTPE & MBA assume no liability for Buddy Riders, the tractor or the driver during this entire event.
4. Minimum of 4 photos of the seat mounted and
bolted must be sent to Owosso Tractor Parts at or mailed one month prior to the event for approval.
5. Absolutely no mounting on the rear drawbar hole in any way.
6. All seats must be secured to the tractor beside the driver if possible. No Buddy Rider will be directly behind  the driver (unless there is a safety bumper separate from the seat frame).  No riders in front of the driver at all.
7. All seats must have a secure and safe back support for the rider. Even though some tractors have a seat for a rider from the factory,
it will still have to be approved by Owosso Tractor Parts.
9. Seat must not be rusted out or welded up. (I’m sure the rider would appreciate a cushion)
10. There can be absolutely no interference to the driver’s ability to drive the tractor across the Mackinac Bridge or the entire parade route safely. This means no interference what so ever with the tractor driver, tractor clutch, tractor brakes, tractor steering and the vision of the driver. The driver must have full control of the tractor at all times.
11. Tractor must have fenders to protect the rider from the tractor tires.
12. Buddy Rider age must be at least 16 years or older to ride on the tractor. Tractor driver must be at least 18 years old.
13. Buddy Rider must be a member of the respective participating club. Some clubs have family membership. Make sure your family member(s) are included on their club roster if this is so.
14. Failure to comply with these rules will bar the individual(s) from riding in the event.
15. Club officials have the right to deny all and any Buddy Riders/driver during this event.


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Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing 2012
Event Date: Friday, September 14, 2012
5th Anniversary
Official Event: Owosso Tractor Parts Antique Tractor Parade & Show 2012
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Owosso Tractor Parts
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