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Ford 9N Tractor
Repair Project

Service work Date: May, 2008


Service Work:
Steering Gear Box Parts Replaced & Repaired
Cylinder Head Replaced and Milled
Head gasket Kit
12 Volt Alternator Conversion Kit
New 12 Volt Battery
Valve parts replaced
New Fuel Tank, Front spindle bushings, Front stay rods, Front axle pivot bushing, front axle





Alternator Conversion Kit to 12 Volt. Includes:
Uni-charge Alternator
Alternator pulley
Wiring Harness
Necessary brackets
Alternator belt
Ballast Resistor
12 Volt Coil on early tractors only.

Not included in the kit: 60 Amp gage.

12 volt Battery: 525 cca seems to work well with the starter.


12 Volt Coil.  You do not need to change the points, condenser or rotor, unless they are bad. Even though you change the coil to 12 volt, you still need to add the ballast resistor.


The alternator conversion kit for the 2n, 9n, and early 8n and late model 8n tractors are a real improvement on turning the engine over and starting.  Remember, when replacing the battery to only use a battery with about 525 cca.  Any bigger and it can destroy the starter drive or the starter. Be sure to change the battery cables to a Negative ground with the 12 volt system.  On late model 8n conversion kits be sure to reverse the wires on the coil so the + is your hot wire and the – goes to the distributor



Look at the rear exhaust valve. When we pulled the cylinder head off this engine to replace the head gasket, this valve was loose.  The keeper and valve guide clip were lying in the valve spring area.


Ford 9N.  This tractor is actually a very nice tractor even though it needed a lot of work; mechanically it was tight and runs very well.



See how black this head gasket is.  I don’t think there was any area of this gasket that was good.  Black exhaust between the cylinders indicates a blown head gasket.



This is a fresh milled cylinder head. It was warped about .010”. Way too much for these or any motor.  The head was magged for cracks before it was milled. Be sure to re-torque the head nuts/bolts after running the engine for a few minutes. They always retighten on these motors after running.

We use Hi-Tach made by Permatex on the cylinder head and the cylinder block. When using Hi-tach be sure not to lift the head gasket after contact.  It will actually take the gasket material off the gasket



New head gasket in place.

New steering side gears are common on the 9N and 2N tractors.



Reconditioned head bolted in place. Oil change, Alternator kit, Steering Gears replaced, New 12 Volt Battery.


Back Together

 We overhaul tractor motors
Clutch work
Tune Ups
Brake service

And a lot more.

We repair most makes & models.

Complete tractor service at our shop

Oops!  Where’s the hood? Ah, who needs one? Get’s better gas mileage without it and it’s aerodynamic. Could use a steering wheel or at least a pair if vise-grips to hold on to.

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