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John Deere 3010 Radial Piston Hydrualic Pump Repair

Hydraulic pump rebuilding can sometimes become challenging. This particular pump was extremely dirty and oil covered.  Hydraulic systems are very vulnerable to dirt and water and can be completely destroyed if not taken care of.  This particular pump has obvious external hydraulic leaks as well as the pump pressure would only maintain 1700 psi., when tested.  Your best when testing hydraulic pressure on a John Deer 3010, 3020, 4010 and others is to remove the hood and test the pump at the priority valve. You can also check it at the remote but sometimes you get a false reading if someone has messed with the metering valve on the SCV valve. 

We completely rebuild these pumps with John Deere parts and quality aftermarket parts and you can be assured your pump was built with the best of care from us.  Don't be afraid to rebuild your 10 series hydraulic pumps without the bleed off line. These pumps rebuild will last for years just like the original pumps did. The bleed off line is for the quad ring leakage, the outer seal is mostly to prevent dirt from entering the pump.
For do-it-yourselfers, we sell all the parts you need for this pump.
We also sell the new aftermarket hydraulic pump.
If your pumps need rebuilding, drop it off at our store or ship it in. We will be glad to rebuild it for your.
John Deere 3010 Hydraulic Pump.
Pumps for this tractor are 2.4 cu. in. and 3.3 cu. in.
The stoke of the lobe on the pump shaft makes the difference. 
Spacer shims in the back of the pump were installed by
a previous builder. They damaged the washer and parts
of the metal went into the pump.
Stroke control valve asy., RE10712 & R27172 valve  & R70351 sleeve should all be replaced. 
All can be ordered from
Owosso Tractor Parts by clicking on the part numbers. 
Above: Stroke control adjuster screw.
Increase or decrease pressure.
Pumps are completely dissassembled, inspected and cleaned before assembly. Pump seal kits are complete. Order kit Part Number:
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