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John Deere 40 Utility
Engine Overhaul
Overhauled April 2008
By: Owosso Tractor Parts
Rebuilt motor by Owosso Tractor Parts.
Tractor restoration involves more than just making the tractor look good.
 It must run good and be mechanically sound.  
At Owosso Tractor Parts we overhaul Motors in most makes and model tractors, backhoes, crawlers and more.
Contact us to see if we can help you.
As it came in Hitch works good Motor was in need of an overhaul. Check the back cylinder port. See the anti-freeze. This head has a crack in it just about 3/4" from the outer edge of the exhaust port.   Cracked cylinder head on these motors is common. Block was bored .090 over and was hot tanked to clean out all of the oil gallies and water jackets inside.
With the engine overhauled the rest of the tractor will be done this winter. This was the original head after machining. unfortunately the machine shop missed a crack in the exhaust port so it was a waste of service work. A new head was installed. Fit with new .090 overbore pistons and ready for the cylinder head. Seems like every one of these motors need overboring. Side view: getting ready for assembly. Timing gears ready for work.
Installation is easier with an engine stand.  You can spin the engine over when needed. We bead blast all carburetors instead of acid cleaning. I find bead blasting does a much better job of cleaning the ports. Newly rebuilt motor ready for primer. Notice the new radiator assembly.  Sold by Owosso Tractor. Now it's ready for some green paint.    The owner prefers to wait until next winter to do the rest of the restoration.  When it get's done we will bring you those pictures ASAP.   You won't believe it's the same tractor after restoration.   This tractor does have some steering and wiring issues but it will be right when it's restored.  I was told this tractor came from Michigan's U.P., and has been in the family for a long time.
After the engine has been ran for a while to make sure there are no leaks it is primered and painted to prevent the bare engine parts from rusting.  I have done several of these motors and I can't wait to hear them start up after the overhaul.  Motors do talk to you and if you have done your job right it will start and run better than ever.  Don't get cheap on putting any motor together.  You will be glad you did it right the first time.      
John Deere 40 Utility: All parts were purchased from Owosso Tractor Parts.
Complete Engine Overhaul Kit
New Piston Kit w/rings .090 Overbore Kit
New Cylinder Head OTPE
Crankshaft Ground .010 Rods & Mains
New Radiator Complete:
Good Used Clutch Kit,
Rebuilt Clutch Kit:
Customers clutch was in good shape but we do offer rebuilt clutch kits.
 Clutch kits includes clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throughout bearing.

New Muffler from OTPE
Rebuilt Carb by OTPE
New Fan Belt from OTPE
New Generator Belt from OTPE
Other items include:
Tune Up Kit w/plugs, points, condenser, cap, wires, NEW: Seat Bottom New Seat Back. All new aftermarket parts from
Owosso Tractor Parts.


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