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John Deere B 1946 

Rebuilt by: Owosso Tractor Parts 1-888-530-4554




1946 John Deere B
Electric Start
Cultivator lift arms
Cultivator guide on the front
Cultivator loops on the lift arms

 This John Deere B was for sale on our lot and was sold to someone who wanted a John Deere Tractor.  The customer wanted us to go through the motor before he took it home.  We re-ringed the pistons which were .125 overbore M&W Pistons.  The cylinder head valves needed replacing and so did the valve springs.  We installed  a new radiator filler neck and radiator cap. Rebuilt the carburetor, magneto and cylinder head.  Honed the cylinders and replaced broken manifold bolts.  Rods are the babbit style and they were in great shape.

The front left hand wheel hub bearings were shot and those were replaced also.  The headlights worked so no work was needed on the wiring or lighting.  Even the charging system worked.

If you have ever worked on one you would know it's no easy task hooking the engine oil line back up to the engine block.  

New Hastings Piston Rings .125 overbore
Carburetor: Rebuilt
Magneto: Rebuilt
Cylinder Head Reconditioned
New Radiator Filler Neck
New Radiator Cap
Full Engine Gasket Set
Front Wheel Hub & Bearings
New Sediment Shut Off Asy
New Fan Belt


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