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Silver King R44
Motor: IXB Hercules 4 cylinder

Problem: Governor was uncontrollable and would run wild or wide open. After removing the governor, it was discovered that the center governor weight holder was cracked. Also the pins in the weights were worn out and that was allowing the weight to actually rub against the inside of the governor housing.  The governor itself is extremely hard to find. As a matter of fact, we never did find a good used one.  A new aftermarket weight holder was found and with a little machining and drilling, it worked great.  The throttle lever to the governor is tricky to adjust and you must incorporate the throttle lever when adjusting it and take in consideration the locations of the springs and kotter pins.  Finally got it adjusted correctly and now all is well.  Governor kicks in like it should.  The adjustments are extremely touchy. The governor arm actually doesn't  move foreward or backwards very far at all. If you pull the lever too far towards the carburetor, you will feel the governor weights hitting the inside of the housing very loudly.

This tractor engine ran very well and started up easy.  Fun to drive also.
1936 R44 Silver King These tractors were built solid Governor Assembly Removed IXB Hercules motor used on R33 and R44 Silver King Tractors.
Governor weights hitting inside the governore housing. New bearing was installed. Spool was in good shape and was reused. Governor with broken weight holder and new replacement.  
The old governor weight holder was cracked and needed replacing. The new one worked just fine after some machining and pin hole drilled out.  The new weight holder is 3/4" diameter and needed to be machined down to about .670 so it would fit in inside the goveror bushing. The pin hole had to be drilled larger to match the hole in the governor shaft. Be careful drilling the new one, it's made of steel instead of cast, but you could possibly split it open.
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