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AC D14 Transmission Repair

Transmission slips out of gear under load. Power director was not working because the throw out bearing shift fork was broken.  Repair transmission, brakes, brake seals. This tractor is an early tractor. However, good used gears are virtually unheard of. When we tried to get good used gears from salvage yards they always came in as bad or worst than what we were pulling out. Decided to go with new aftermarket gears from Owosso Tractor Parts.  Jeremy was able to get us what we needed to put this transmission back in business. One major note was the 3rd & 4th gear on the lower shaft was wider than the original. Meaning it was for later tractors only. It kept interfering with 1st gear on the top shaft because it was too wide.  I ended up hand grinding every tooth until it missed the gear.
 It worked out great. 
 Get your replacement Allis Chalmers D14 Transmission Gears from Owosso Tractor Parts. (Parts list below photos)
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Allis Chalmers D14 Transmission Repair Transmission needs to be removed Take photos to assist you during assembly  
New brakes and brake seal were installed Power Director was not working. Replaced missing and damaged parts in Power Director  
Transmissiong shifter was missing oil director plate Reverse idler gear was damaged from shift grinding Differential had to be removed to rebuild transmission  
View of new aftermarket gears from OTPE Old gears are damaged from shift grinding  New Gears from OTPE installed   
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