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John Deere 276 Diesel Motor Rebuilt
John Deere 202, 219, 239, 276, 4039, 4045
We overhaul them all right at our store
Need an overhaul kit? We sell them also.
You can ship us your motor or just drop it
off and we will do the rest.
Complete engine overhaul with quality work you expect.

We have a 100% success track record in overhauling these motors so you can feel confident in our work.
Here are some of the engines we rebuild.
John Deer 450 Engine overhaul
Balancer Shafts Are Inspected and Replaced If Necessary. New Balancer Shaft Bushings Are Installed In The Engine Block
John Deere Rebuilt 4276 Turbo.
Ready for work.
Rebuilt by:
Owosso Tractor Parts
Owosso, Michigan. U.S.A.
John Deere 219 Diesel Motor Rebuilt
John Deere 239 Engine Rebuilt Rebuilding John Deere 239 Diesel Engine Rebuilding
Send us your short block or complete motor Engines are cataloged and torn down These motors are a specialty of ours
John Deere 276 Diesel Engine Rebuilt
John Deere 4039 Engine Rebuilding John Deere 202 Diesel Engine Overhaul
We will only replace parts that are needed to be replaced Cylinder Heads are completely reconditioned Engine is completely dismantled and cleaned
Engine Block is Completely
Dismantled and Hot Tanked

Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pin Bushings All Replaced
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