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Broken shift fork in the middle 1st/Rev Broken fork on right. Left is New From OTPE Shift rail
PTO shift cover, options Ground, Neutral, Engine Main piston hydraulic pump location in rear housing Shift stop, prevents shifters from over/shift


Shift Fork, Shift Boot and Transmission Cover Gasket
are all available from OTPE
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you will be taken right to our parts web page.

New Shift Boot Part Number: P-520858M1   New Shift Cover Gasket Part Number: P-520307M1
Top view of 6 speed transmission 3 sp/w/Hi/Lo  OTPE offers a New Aftermarket Replacement Fork.
 Part Number: P-180437M1
New shift cover gasket installed
Massey Ferguson 165 Transmission Shift Fork Replacement

Three Speed w/high low shift 6 speed, 1st and Reverse Transmission Shift Fork

Customer said the transmission locked up when he called us. I explained it's possibly a jamed shifter fork or a broken fork.
After further inspection by the customer, he discovered the broken fork.
We split the tractor and replaced the fork with an aftermarket fork and replaced the transmission, differential, hydraulic oil, replaced a couple of power steering lines and test drove the tractor. All is good and the tractor is ready to go back to work.
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