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Massey Ferguson 35 Repair

Tractor came in with a broken three point hitch pull arm pin and a bad hitch arm.
 These pins are held onto the axle housing with a locking nut inside the tractor. You must remove the axle housing to replace the pin. The pin has a taper to it so when you remove the attaching nut, you must hit it quite hard. We use a large punch about 1" in diameter to hit the pin. You do not want to damage the axle housing. Once we removed the axle housing we discovered the differential end bearing and the race it runs against were bad. We removed the bearing cone off the differential with our bearing puller and torched out the inner axle bearing race.  When installing the bearing on the differential, we removed the safety wire around the differential bolt, unscrewed the differential bolts and removed the outer half of the differential.  Make sure you install the differential half to the exact location you took it off. In this instance both the bearing half and the main differential housings had stamped numbers to match up the halfs. These diffentials halves are machined to match exactly so it's important to put the matching halves back together as intended.  We replaced the broken hitch pin, axle housing gasket, differential bearing and race and reinstalled the axle housing back on the tractor. The customers hitch arm was also replaced because t
Massey Ferguson 35 Gas Tractor for After removing all of the outer axle nuts, the axle separates easily. Axle held at the top so it doesn't fall during dissassembly. Also makes it easier when reassembling Outer bearing shows damage. The bearing was pulled off with a bearing splicer and a "T" bar.
View of right side of the differential  Inner axle bearing also showed wear in the form of pitting and was replaced.  Sludge in rear housing. We also found bits of metal that is probably responsible
for the bearing damage. More work will have to go into finding where the metal came from.
New differential bearing installed by removing differential half and pressing bearing on.
Differential half had to be removed to press the new bearing in place. Pounding the new bearing on with the differntial in place would have destroyed the bearing on the other half of the differntial and possibly damage the ring and pinion set. After reassembling the differntial and new tie wire was installed in the differential bolts.  New Hitch Pin (above). Notice the taper on the left. The taper assures the pin is secure in the axle housing with the help of the self locking nylon nut inside the axle housing.  This pin is sold NEW at OTPE
Broken hitch pin. The part that is broken off was the part that held the three point hitch right hand pull arm.
he ball fell out of it's socket due to wear and tear over the years.

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