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   Click Photo: After you click on the photo, it will take you to our web site to order a block heater kit that includes the block heater and 2 fittings that you will need to finish the job.   You will see a drop down box to choose 400 Watt, 600 Watt or the 1,000 Watt block heater kit.  You will need to tap (thread) the welch plug hole on the left side of your engine block (in the middle) that is currently 1-1/4" plug to a 1" pipe thread as explained above. You will be much happier knowing this unit will NOT pop out of your block because you threaded it. NOTE: The 1" TAP is not included in this kit but is available from Owosso Tractor Parts.

The 1" TAP you will need is available from Owosso Tractor Parts also:
Use the tap as described above.
 You do not need to resize the 1-1/4" welch plug hole to use this TAP in the block.
Click Photo to order.

Massey Ferguson 65 4.203 Perkins Diesel Motor Block Heater

All over the internet and conversations with Massey Ferguson owners, we have tried to find out what the best way to heat a Perkins Diesel engine for cold weather start and install a secure block heater. Sometimes because of certain conditions such as really cold weather, engine wear, low compression, the intake manifold flame heater is just not enough.  Too much ether and you will blow out the combustion chamber gaskets on the manifold side (we will discuss those too) or blow a head gasket. People tend to put too much ether and KABOOOM! you have serious engine troubles. And if your manifold flame heater is working correctly and you add ether to the intake pipe again KABOOM! when  you turn the key. Whenever you have a chance to keep a tractor inside or at least under cover, they stand a better chance of starting.  Most people give them ether and sometimes there is no other choice. Bottom line is that ether damages the motor over time.  It takes about 400 to 450 pounds of comp

Location of newly installed Massey Ferguson 65 4.203 Perkins Block Heater Kit from
Owosso Tractor Parts.

Folks, I can't make it much easier to explain than this. Hope you purchase your parts from Owosso Tractor Parts. We are a family owned business and appreciate your business.
Thanks. Bob Baumgras
ression to ignite atomized diesel fuel and if your engine compression is not up to snuff, it's hard to start. Even brand new tractors have a hard time starting in warm weather without the aid of glow plugs.  Glow plugs are not used on the MF 65 diesel. Even though some day I am going to try it and make it work.

If your intake manifold flame heater is not doing the trick starting your tractor in cold weather, you can
buy our block heater kit from Owosso Tractor Parts
and warm the engine up before starting.

There is available a pound in sleeve with 3/4" internal pipe thread and a smooth taper to it for the block heater to screw into. However, these pound in sleeves can pop out, even when installing the threaded block heater into it after pounding it in. Who needs that to happen. So, at Owosso Tractor Parts we have come up with an easy solution to these cheap pound in sleeves that can fall out.  We have come up with a pipe threaded sleeve and you will need to remove your welch plug on the left hand side of the engine block and thread the hole with a 1" pipe tap. The welch plug hole is 1-1/4" inside diameter and a 1" pipe tap usually needs 1-5/32" hole.  However, you will not need a 1-5/32" hole.  Just easily tap the 1-1/4" welch plug hole as is. You can run  the tap in about 2" but be careful, you do not want to turn the tap into the inside block sleeves. (you will see the piston block sleeves when you remove the welch plug. 
This is the perfect spot for the new block heater because it will heat the piston cylinder block area first. 

Our kits are available in 400 watt, 600 watt and 1,000 watt block heating elements. Of course the higher the wattage the faster you block will heat up.
The 400 watt will take a couple of hours or more to start heating the block nicely in 20 degree weather. 
The 1,000 watt will cut that time in half but it's best to keep track after installing the unit to see what works best for you. The warmer the engine, the better it will start.

Before plugging the block heater you will need to make sure your anti-freeze level is topped off.

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