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2001 Dodge Dakota Fan Resistor Installation

Fan quit completely on son-in-laws 2001 Dodge Dakota.  Replaced the switch assembly (as originally told) but that did not solve the problem.  Found this site that said to replace the Fan Resistor in the air duct.  Replaced this fan resistor ($20.00 from dealer) and now all 4 speeds on the fan work fine.  Just thought I would mention what we did so others can learn the easy and least expensive way to replace this annoying problem.  

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 Installation Sheet: Click any photo to enlarge.                                               Package Box


                                    Old Resistor                                                  New Style Resistor


Resistor Location 2001 Dodge Dakota Passenger Side             Unscrew Blower Vent (1) Screw and Pull Down To Get Resistor Screws Above Hand


    New Style Resistor: Slide red clip back and hold down black button at top right arrow to unplug. Tricky but that's how it's done.



                                Resistor Location                                     Notice there are (2), 5/16" hex., screws.

 Use 1/4" drive ratchet with 3" extension and 5/16" socket to remove resistor screws and single vent screw. After removing the vent screw, pull down on the vent tube to get at the back resistor screw or use a universal swivel joint.

 Pull the Fan Resistor unit out.  Slide the Red Tab sideways and squeeze the black button part of the connector at the rear to disconnect the unit. Just because you slide the red clip, it will not disconnect the connector. You must squeeze the black button and then it will disconnect.  To install the new style fan resistor you must clip the 4 corners off from it before installation.  The reason is, where the resistor unit is mounted with the two screws, the vent tubing is rounded and the ears will interfere with the correct installation.  In other words the unit will not go in the vent tubing all the way.

I hope this helps others to get their fan going without visiting the dealer.  Save your money for gas or gadgets.

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